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The Beginning

I believe the beginning goes back to our daughter Daisy, when she very small her Aunty BJ gave her an inflatable swimming ring with a Dalmatian head on it and her love for anything spotty went on from there.

These days we have every type of Dalmatian toy, bedding, clothes and wallpaper you can think of and so naturally as soon as we had a house big enough it went without saying that we would have a Dalmatian. So we set about looking for a bitch as we believe they would be less hassle.

Our First Bitch

We looked to the Kennel Club for a list of Dalmatian breeders and eventually found the Pages in Stapleford Tawney, who had a litter due in the April of 2002. It turned out that we were lucky and had our choice of all but one of the litter so we were able to choose a lightly spotted bitch Heaven Sent (aka Dotty).

Our Second Bitch

Near the end of 2003 we contacted the Pages again to see if they had any bitches available for a companion for our Dotty and found to our delight that they had a new litter.

The First Mating

Due to the great temperament and spotting of our Dotty we decided it would be nice to breed from her and set about finding a mate, We finally spoke with Mrs. Stanton who luckily lives only a few miles away and arranged a match with her Thomas but we eventually ended up with her Daughter's dog Dr Fox of Salsusa. The first mating back in 2006 did not take and so we left it till this April and tried again.

This year we had a double mating with Dr Fox of Salsusa (Paddy) to be on the safe side together with lots of tests at the vets before hand and to our great joy it worked out well this time, the result being that Dotty had six puppies on the 29th June. in total we have four Bitches and two Dogs.

The puppies are now listed on the Kennel Club website puppy list and the Joint Dalmatian Club's websites puppy lists.

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