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Dotty's Litter (Arrived 29th June 2007,)

Kennel Club registered names.


Dottyspot Scent from Heaven (Bitch)

Dottyspot Scent of the Fox (Dog)

Dottyspot Mist from Heaven (Bitch)

Dottyspot Flash from Heaven (Dog)

Dottyspot Duchess of Heaven (Bitch)

Dottyspot Heavens Princess (Bitch)


20th July 2007, Well here we are 3 weeks old and we are starting to see the spots and personalities.

27th July 2007, All just been to the Vet for a check and are being wormed for the first time.


puppy4 together

Due to faulty machine BAER test now booked 23rd Aug 2007.

12th August 2007, All puppies now Reserved.

17th August 2007, Seven weeks old now and all just had their second worming.

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